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        Hangzhou Shiyi Trading Co., Ltd. (formerly Hangzhou Qian Tang Measuring Tool Co., Ltd.) lies on the exit of Hu-Hang-Yong express way, two kilometers away from the railway station, the bus station and the Hangzhou Airport respectively. It is very easy to go.


        The Company is a joint venture, mid-scale factory, which produces measures and cutting tools. We have enormous technical personnel, well equipment, advanced technology, commodious workshop, and perfect check means. In China, the Company is one of the factories which export the most measures and cutting tools. Our products are sold well in all of China and far to West Europe, Southeast Asia and others more than thirty countries and areas, and get appraise from .


        them. In order to catch the market and meet domestic and foreign travelling merchant, we provide service to make standardized and nonstandardized product according to the design or model provided by customers. (OEM) . 
        Unity, creation, dealing matters, efficiency are purposes we insist. We promise to produce product with high quality and provide excellent serve after selling. We welcome you warmly and hope to cooperate with you as well. Let's make a wonderful future together!

        Our Customers as follow:

        Hunan Machinery Imp.& Exp.Corp. Shanxi Machinery Imp.&Exp.Corp. 
        Fujian Machinery Imp.& Exp.Corp. Jianxi Machinery Imp.&Exp.Corp. 
        Shandong Machinery Imp.&Exp.Corp. Liaoning MEC Group Co.,Ltd. 
        China National Machinery Imp.& Exp.Wuxi Co.,ltd.

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        Hangzhou QTR Tools & Meauring Tools Co., Ltd.

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